Jewelry designer 
                                          Metal Clay Certified Instructor   

Searching for an outlet away from work, I started creating jewelry to relax. I was learning silver smithing when I stumbled into a class for Silver Metal Clay.   This new material took my jewelry to a complete new dimension.  It was the creation of a new form of art.

I create one-of-a-kind and I personally handcraft all the pieces. Each piece of wearable art is unique, the color, patterns and designs are constantly changing.

Every time I work with Metal Clay, I have a fulfilled feeling of art expression.  The multifaceted and creative possibilities with this material are eternal.  The excitement of this new form of art motivated me to start teaching.  Teaching gives me the opportunity to share the knowledge of what I have learned and inspire interest in this new form of art to others.

I'm a Senior Art Clay instructor certified by Art Clay World USA, Master Instructor for Art Clay World Mexico, Certified by Aida Chemicals in Japan, Certified Instructor by Hadar's Clay and Certified Artisan by the PMC National Guild & Rio Rewards.

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